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So what do you get when you become part of the Drain Surgeon one Man in a Van team? Well the list is long but what it really comes down to is that we give you the opportunity to spread your wings while you stand on the shoulders of a giant.

The opportunity to start and manage your own business while enjoying all the benefits of a 40 year old company is now possible. Some of the benefits you can expect to receive are to drive your own vehicle to work, have proper tools, material and equipment. With proper stationary and corporate clothing you’ll look professional and customers will respect you. The marketing machine will ensure the phones keeps on ringing at the National Call Center who will dispatch jobs 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days of the year. Jobs, substantial cost saving on overheads and debtors services will all help to make your financial dreams come true.

Franchise Background

The Drain Surgeon has been operating as the eminent emergency maintenance plumbing company in the South African sphere for close to 40 years. The Franchising company, The Drain Surgeon Franchising Africa has been franchising since 1980 and through the years has established many successful businesses that still operates today. Similarly the Electro Surgeon has been franchising since 1993. Being a well-established group we have now reached a level of maturity where we can become an incubator for smaller businesses within the group. We have identified new opportunities for us to pursue which we believe will not only benefit the group but also a wide spectrum of tradesmen who have dreamt of owning their own small businesses. We want to unlock the funding and combine that with our established systems to offer opportunities to tradesmen who want to own their own businesses. The challenge to create sustainable small businesses for tradesmen in particular and the opportunities available by being part of a brand resulted in the establishment of the Man in a Van franchise model. The factors that we have considered:

  • Funding is available from various sources to help small businesses but due to the high risk involved in startups, funders are looking for larger groups to act as incubators.
  • Franchise systems which are proven, reduce the risk as the brand and business models are well tried and tested.
  • There is a dire need in South Africa for skilled tradesmen across all sectors.
  • Although training companies can teach tradesmen the trade skills, there is a massive gap in their skillset on how to start and build a sustainable business.
  • Technological advances with the cloud, smartphones and system dedicated to enhance the productivity of mobile workers are now available.

The Drain Surgeon Franchising has refined the Man in the van (MIV) business model. Although the concept of a small micro entrepreneur is not new, to combine that with the groups’ brand and systems, will give those entrepreneurs not only a sustainable job, but a competitive advantage in the market.

The Man in a Van model

The Man in a Van franchise opportunity is based on the existing, very successful The Drain (and Electro) Surgeon Franchise model. The traditional franchise model involved a franchisee acquiring a franchise area and then employing his tradesmen. He/she will then do the marketing and administration while the artisan/s does the physical work. Consequently, we took the existing model and introduced some changes to it so that it can apply to any service business. We also know that the traditional artisan would prefer not to have to do administrative functions or be directly responsible for marketing, and therefore we introduced solutions to address that. So now, our Man in a Van model entails that Head Office get the work through aggressive marketing, the jobs is then performed by the artisan and Head Office again performs the administration and finance tasks. The Man in a Van model now allows for artisans to become part of The Surgeon group, where they enjoy the brand, business model and all the support and knowledge of a 36 year old business model.

So why is this model such a great opportunity?

The Man in a Van model is different in that the marketing and management of the business is performed by Head Office. This means that the marketing initiatives, material and implementation is managed by HQ, while the franchisee will be required to do the necessary footwork, i.e. distribute magnets, flyers, attend trade events, etc., in his demarcated area. HQ will also provide all the administrative services, provide and maintain the National Call Centre (NCC) and systems that will be used to facilitate job dispatching, invoicing, etc. A third party, contracted by HQ, will provide bookkeeping services. This structure will ensure that the tradesmen do what they are best at, i.e. completing a technical job, while HQ do what they are good at, which is marketing and administration. The franchise business will not have a fixed overhead cost or have to deal with personnel as HQ will provide the services and charge the franchisee on a per job basis.

This business also has a shared risk model in that HQ makes the infrastructure, people, systems, marketing platforms and know-how available which substantially increases a franchisee’s chances of success, in exchange for a share in the profits for a set period. The model thus encourages both the franchisee and franchisor to perform as best as possible as both depend on the success of the business.

Support provided by Head Office

Marketing: With over 40 years’ experience in how to market and promote a services business, we know what and how to do it. We use the best available platforms, social media and consultants to ensure the work are generated. Control room & National Call Centre: Our control room is staffed seven days a week, 24 hours a day. This enables us to deliver an instant response, no matter what time of day or night. The call centre will dispatch the job to the artisan through the Mobile Workforce Solution system called Mobiwork. Systems: Mobiwork is a cloud based platform that provides a Mobile Workforce Solution that makes it possible for the call centre to log and dispatch the calls to the artisans. The mobile app provides route navigation, invoicing, payment processing form completion, photos, etc.

Administration: Our dedicated administrators will ensure the paperwork gets done and receipts & payments are processed. Accounting: Each business will have a dedicated bookkeeper who will ensure the management accounts are generated and financials are kept up to date.

Who can apply

This opportunity is for tradesmen with experience. If qualified as a plumber and have at least 3 years’ plumbing maintenance experience it will be sufficient but if no qualification, at least 5 years’ plumbing maintenance experience is required. We’re also giving this opportunity to become a business owner to individuals who has a clear criminal record, meets our profile in terms of behavior, drive and ambition and since we’re introducing them to funders, a manageable credit record is required.

How to apply

Dial *120*8855*identity number # on your cellphone and complete the short questionnaire. You can also complete the Short questionnaire by clicking on this link.

A representative from the franchisor will then be in touch to take you through the next steps, which will entail the completion of the Franchisee Questionnaire and a 1st Introductory meeting in Pretoria.


Ben Booysen
Email: ben@drainsurgeon.co.za
Telephone: 012 342 1860

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